About the project

The Improve Academy has one main goal in mind; securing your growth through customized and measurable training.

Improve Academy Mission Statement <br><br>

The mission of the Improve Training Academy is to create and maintain a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence by providing quality training and development opportunities. <br><br>

Vision statement <br><br>

“Improve Learning and Community Platform” (ILCP) and “Improve Performance and Training Systems” (IPTS) is a one stop solution that addresses every component of a top performing training program. It will streamline your corporate training processes and provided visibility into your overall training performance giving you the ability to make smart decisions and move forward at a faster pace. <br><br>

Our Vision; <br><br>

“Passion to Improve!” <br><br> Our vision is about improving your performance in all walks of life. It`s all about balancing your life in a smart and efficient way.”

What We Offer

Running a Startup or a Scaleup require different knowledge, skills and experience. Additionally it depends upon your team size, market situation, development and funding stage and a lot of other things. Rest asure, we have you covered as we believe in customizing your training needs based upon all of this.

We are offering different topics based on needs and please note these are just some examples.

Here is a list of different programs


  • Leadership Academy
  • Behavioural Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Organizational Development
  • Personal mastery
  • Performance Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Performance Management


  • Sales Academy
  • Behavioral Training
  • Personal mastery
  • Performance Coaching
  • Performance in Sales
  • Relationship Sales
  • Presentation skills
  • Sales negotiation skills
  • Sales at fairs
  • Sales Coaching


  • Go To Market
  • Pitch Development
  • Pitch Training
  • One On One Training
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Digital Marketing
  • Law and Jurisdiction
  • Accounting – Budgeting
  • Recruitment
  • Board Development

Academy Vision Points

To Provide Meaningful Training, High-Quality

Training is based on specific objectives, is job and private related, and from appropriate professional sources.

Value the Individual

Our Trainers will recognize and acknowledge that each person has valuable experience to offer to the profession.


Our Trainers will role-model professionalism, credibility, integrity, knowledge, dependability, and teamwork in our pursuit of excellence.

Right level approach

The Improve Startups and Scaleups Academy applies a training approach that delivers information at the right level for you. Our training program has been structured in a way that allows people to progress through learning and training at their own speed.

Scenario Based

We understand that learning something new is much easier when it is applied to something real. That’s why we have based our training around business scenario examples that apply to your current role or situation.

Each Training starts with a presentation of the training scenario that needs to be addressed. The modules in the training are then aligned to fullfill each of the needs outlined in the scenario.

Trainer Led

Our training is delivered by people who understand our products from the inside, putting them in the best position to lead you through training content, providing guidance and advice along the way.

Hands On

An important part of any training course is applying the information that you are being taught. That’s why we dedicate a large proportion of our courses to hands on training so you gain practical knowledge and develop self-sufficiency.

Measurable performance and results

Main focus is providing measurable results. Attendants will document results on soft (skills and behavior) and hard factors (results, knowledge). Timeline for our Academies are from a 3 months (minimum) up till 12 months whereas 6 months are most likely. Medals are given as performance (Bronze. Silver and Gold) or we can set restrictions as pass or fail.

What We Do

Founder of Improve Startups, Ronny A. Nilsen has for more than three decades devloped and delivered high performance trainings towards SMB`s and Large Enterprises in all kinds of industries. Typically an “Academy” approach providing measurable and customized trainings on practical situations.



Customized and measurable Training on a corporate, team or personal level


Business Performance Customer Loyalty Employee Loyalty


Growth & Revenue Quality Improvements Learning & Relations

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Ledership Training

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Sales Training

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