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Orgbrain delivers the market's most complete board and general meeting portal, which is also used by many management groups and projects, to ensure effective meetings, structure and control of their work. With Orgbrain, you simplify and halve the time you spend on board work. You get even better control over calls, agenda, protocol, documents, signatures, GDPR, secure storage, and more. In addition, you get continuous help to professionalize board work through board school, board evaluation, legal assistant, and more. Just try and you will see. In the portal you get, among other things: Powerful meeting module with integrated video function, for easy convening, execution and recording. Board school and agenda library with legal references, for easy reference and more professional case management. Shareholder module, for carrying out general meetings, transactions, issues, etc Secure messaging and chat Computer room with large storage space and digital signing solution Template database - with useful templates for the administration and the board. Follow this link for more information about Orgbrain's product and services, as well as customer references: If you want to contact Orgbrain, call 22 12 00 28

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